Environmental Impact of Animal Consumption:

The argument that humans are ‘better’ than animals as a justification for eating them is erroneous and illogical. The current state of the planet due to human activity is proof of this. Humans are at risk of becoming extinct due to environmental destruction, we are making this planet uninhabitable.

The grave impact of animal agriculture must be considered if humans are to move forward as a species. Living harmoniously with other earthlings is paramount to our survival on this planet.

  • By 2048 all of our fisheries will be dead. If we continue on this way, the aquatic ecosystem will crash and 90% of ocean’s edible species will begone in less than 40 years. (x)
  • Cattle ranching is the number one culprit of deforestation in virtually every Amazon country, and accounts for 80% of current deforestation (x) (x)
  • Livestock is accountable for 51% of greenhouse gas emissions, that’s 18% more than total transportation emissions. (x) (x
  • It takes 23 gallons of water to produce 1 pound of tomatoes. 
    It takes 5,214 gallons of water to produce 1 pound of beef. (x)


  1.       Water the animal drinks       
  2.       Water used to irrigate pasture land that the cattle graze
  3.       Water used to grow crops the cattle are fed
  4.       Water used in the processing of the beef 
  • 460 tons of grain (that humans can digest) is used annually to feed livestock. That’s enough to  feed 8 billion people and end world hunger. (x) (x) (x) (x)

"If any other organism did this, a biologist would call them a virus" -Philip Wollen

The solution? Veganism


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    While Veganism is indeed a good solution to this problem (and I am completely for it), we must remember that there are...
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